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Welcome to the guild website for Nakama!

We are a group of players where our members aren't just a group of random players on Arthas, we are friends. Everyone is treated equally with respect and a friendly attitude. We are strictly no drama! We are here to have fun! We do not believe in applications, we like to cut straight to running instances, raids and heroics with you to see if you got what it takes to be horde-core enough to be in Nakama.

We are currently recruiting lvl 80 active and knowledgeable players to move forward in our raiding progression and into Ulduar. We currently have all raids on farm: Naxx 25 - Cleared in 4 hours. We have 2 groups for Naxx. Group One is for main raiders. Group 2 is for alts and players who couldn't make it to the first raid. 25 EoE and 25 OS 2 drake. We are currently working on 3 drake content. Schedule is subject to change weekly so please be sure to check the in game calendar daily for updates. Usual raid times are 7:30 invites, 8:00 pull time EST.

Nakama is constantly becoming prepared for Ulduar and Looking for new members! We are currently live on the PvP Test server, getting out feet wet and testing all the new bosses we can. Our officers are working collectively to compile raid strategies unique to Nakama and posting them on the forums. We encourage our members to post their comments ideas and questions concerning the encounters before and during the release of Ulduar.

This site is still under heavy construction so please bare with us! Any other questions you might have could very well be answered in the forums so check em' out or drop Alissha or Geige a mail in game or a pst! Enjoy!

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